Requesting Hearing Aid Assistance
The Lions Club of Denver can provide hearing aids to those whose are hearing challenged.  The steps needed to qualify for assistance are:
1. The individual must be seen at the Marion Downs Center by an audiologist to determine if the hearing aids will work for the applicant. The Marion Downs Center is located at 4280 Hale Parkway, Denver, CO  80220. Their phone number is 303-322-1871. Call first.
2. The audiologist must agree to work with and agree to the terms established by the Hear Now program of the Starkey Foundation.
3. The applicant provides 6 months of the most recent bank statements and verification of all income and assets. In the event of use of debit cards exclusively, the same most recent 6 month statements from the debit card provider is required.
4.  In order to qualify for a hearing test and hearing aid, there are limits of annual income from all sources of $23,760 for an individual and $32,040 for a couple.
5. The Marion Downs Center will make any recommendation to the Lions Club of Denver and will process any application, bank statements and income verification.
Please direct questions on the program to the Marion Downs Center.