Click the following link for a map of drop-off locations: Lions Recycle For Sight
A listing of Lions Recycle for Sight donation locations can be found here: Dropbox Locations List
The Lions Recycle for Sight program is the Denver Den's name for the famous eyeglass collection service that Lions Clubs International has done for years.
Lions Recycle For Sight Donation Box
We collect used eyeglasses
(but NOT eyeglass cases - please discard prior to donation).  They are taken to facilities where they are cleaned and the prescriptions are read.  They are then made available to missionaries and others going to other countries where eyesight care is lacking.

You can find eyeglass collection boxes at just about any optical store and many medical facilities.  In addition, many churches and other locations participate in the program.

Collections are for eyeglasses in good condition only.  We do NOT take the following:
  • eyeglass cases
  • lenses only
  • frames only (although other Denver Den programs may accept these)
  • contact lenses
Because it is not legal to provide prescription glasses to folks in the US, this program does not benefit US citizens, and we are also not able to provide a donation receipt for your gift.
32 Denver Lions collect from 100+ boxes and accumulate approximately 100,000+ glasses donated per year.
Glasses are used for international missions.