The Rude Reader's reading program is designed to help the young children from low income families that attend the Rudy Park Community Nursery, Inc. While owned by the Lions Foundation of Denver and managed by Mile High Montessori Early Learning Centers, all Denver Lions are welcome to participate in the Rude Reader picture book method of reading and conversing with the two to five year old children.


One purpose of this program is to help children dramatically increase their vocabulary which provides skills that are necessary for grade school readiness. The goal is to make the children active participants instead of a more passive participant that just listens to an adult reading stories to them.

One study shows that children from low income families hear 30 million fewer words by the time they are 5 years old than a 5 year old from a wealthy family. Our Rude Readers program is attempting to close that gap and give the Rude Park children a better start in life.